About us

Sub-Base, mindfull music

It's an exciting time for music, music these days is more varied than ever and convenience of music streaming has made music more ever present and accessible. Various niches and subcultures online have made it a giant landscape, where counteracting musical opinions and social norms make it hard to find a solid narrative on what makes good music. 


We at Sub-Base are passionate about music and are always busy with looking past the surface of music to find new interesting things to be excited about. The present music industry is a playground for every music fanatic and has made it possible to enjoy multiple lifestyles at one. You’re able to swirl in the mosh pit in the evening, go raving during the night and enjoy your favourite lo-fi beats livestream while fighting your hangover.


At Sub-Base, we don’t like to think about the things that divide music, but find beauty in the fact that all music moves people. We focus on how music can move people in different kinds of ways. We have it move us so we can enjoy more music and more kinds of people, with love and passion for all things music related.


We look at exciting new things happening in music today and are not afraid to dip into the taboos of the music scene. We are interested in how new artists use sound differently to move people, and visit different iconic people, places and moments in music history. We are also on the watch out for the latest music gear to get better insights into the different sounds out there.


We believe that being mindful of all music can make you enjoy more music and understand others better. We have an exciting music history and have no clue or real controle of music’s future. That is why we believe that it is important to be aware of all the music out there and what history has teached us, so we enjoy other music more, in the present and the future. 


We don’t believe in committing to any particular Punk, Rave or Hip-Hop lifestyle (not everybody looks great with tunnels or a neck tattoo, and you don’t need to have one to enjoy the music!), but believe that music can be a tool for people to be more mindful and understanding of all different kinds of people.