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Korg ARP 2600 mini and SQ-64 sequencer leak.

New images leaked showing two new Korg products. The leaked images show a very prominent 64 step sequencer with lots of connections, connected to what seems to be a miniature of the ARP-2600 in the background. Here is what we know so far.

The middle of the picture is dominated by the very compact looking sequencer. It's hard to read the name, but SQ-64 seems to indicate the number of steps. The connections on the back suggest there will be more than at least 3 tracks, with pads used for playing. It looks like the unit will have 8 drum outputs, outputting some steps directly. You can also see a collection of controls for Star/Stop, Reset and clock in-puts. A group of three connectrs also suggest that the SQ-64 is equipped with MIDI (2x Out, 1xIn) and USB. An arpeggiator is also build in and the device has 8 voices and processes chords.

The ARP 2600 in the background seems to have retained some features of the bigger version. Korg is not known for using prototypes in the picture so we can conclude that this confirms the long-standing rumour if an upcoming ARP 2600 mini. Hopefully they make more than the "instantly sold-out" ARP 2600.


Source: https://www.gearnews.com/korg-arp-2600-mini-and-sq-64-sequencer-image-leaks-online/