K-pop fans troll Donald Trump's 'Million MAGA March' with photos of pancakes

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Last week K-pop fans trolled Trump supporters by taking over the twitter hashtag MillionMAGAMarch with pictures of pancakes. The Trump supporters were using the hashtag to coordinate their "Million MAGA March" in Washington DC.

Actor Shea Depmore started the hashtag hijack by asking people on twitter to post pictures of pancakes with the hashtag MillionMAGAMarch. Why she picked pancakes is unknown, but other celebrities and especially K-pop fans quickly responded to the call. The Trump supporters were marching to support Trump's legal battle against the election results. The march still happened, but their communication on twitter was definitely disrupted.

It isn't the first time K-pop fans trolled Trump or his supporters. Earlier this year the campaign reported over a million people were going to attend a rally in Oklahoma. Instead only a few thousand people showed up. Later it turned out that K-pop fans had registered tens of thousands of tickets to troll the Trump campaign.

Here are a few more beautiful pictures of pancakes twitter users posted:


Source: NME