Twitter suddenly realises Drake Bell changed his name to Drake Campana

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Seemly out of nowhere, Twitter is filling up with meme’s about former Drake & Josh star Drake Bell changing his last name to Campana. This might have come as a surprise for many, but he has been making Spanish music for a while and is actually pretty successful in Mexico.

Who started it is unclear, but the amount of meme’s about Drake Bell changing his last name to Campana - which is Spanish for Bell - are staggering. Most people are surprised about the “sudden change”, but actually Drake Campana has been active in Latin America for a while now. His 2006 album “It's only Time”, tanked in the US and Europe, but in Mexico it reached the fourth spot on the Top 100 chart. When he went to tour Mexico in 2006, the tickets were sold out within minutes. A few years back Campana told the press:

"It's Only Time did really well in Latin America, so I have spent a lot of time there and the fans have been so incredible and have become my strongest base. Also, being from Southern California, the culture has always been a big influence on me growing up so it just felt natural."

If you dig into Campana's social media accounts, you can see he started posting in Spanish a while back. In November 2019 he even shared a photo of an Mexican ID card with the name Drake Campana, which also listed an Mexican address. Its unclear whether Campana has really become a Mexican citizen, but it is a bit unlikely. It is far more likely someone created the picture in Photoshop...


Source: Complex