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Travis Scott branded PS5?

There appears to be a possibility that Sony will release a Travis Scott-branded Playstation 5 the coming weeks, according to a new report. A recent Forbes profile of Scott claims that a co-branded PS5 system beween the rapper and Sony might be in the works as part of his recent “strategic creative partnership” with the gaming company.

Next to the co-branded console, the deal with Sony could also lead to brand-new video game designed by te rapper, according to the report. But for now, Scott has maintained tight-lipped about the potential releases, telling Forbes that “it’s all going to roll out in the next couple of weeks”.

In October, Scott announced the collaboration between him and Sony for a number of "innovative projects" with the Playstation brand, although details were not revealed at the time. The report also claims that the rapper is expected to earn roughly $20 million from the partnership, the same as he grossed for his virtual Fortnite concert in April.

The digital event broke Frotnite records with over 12.3 million concurrent players tuning into the live online event. During the virtual concert, Scott also debuted a new song, ‘The Scotts’ featuring Kid Cudi.

Last month the rapper also dropper a pair of Playstation-branded shoes wit Nike, the first launch after he announced the Strategic Creative Partner with Sony.

Earlier this year, Scott also announced is own McDonald’s meal; The Cactus Jack meal. The meal was available until October 4 and included a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite.


Source: NME