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Blackstar X Gordon Smith Guitars travel guitar

Blackstar teams up with Gordon Smith Guitars on its new Carry-on Travel guitar. The new travel guitar is a mini 20.7" scale electric guitar available as three different package options, either with or without an accompanying Blackstar amp. Very fun stuff, but why did they release a travel guitar in 2020...?

The new Carry-on travel guitar is a collaboration between amp maker Blackstar and UK guitar company Gordon Smith. The guitar features an Okoume body and neck, a set-neck construction and a 20.7 scale length. The neck has a laurel fretboard with 19 frets and hardware consists of a Tune-o-matic style bridge and 1:14 ration tuners. The guitar comes loaded with a coil-splittable mini-humbucker which is wired via a volume (push-pull) and tone control. The Carry-on is available in Jet Black or Vintage white.

The three available package options include the Carry-on travel guitar by itself, bundled with an amPlug 2 FLY headphone amp, or bundled with the FLY 3 Bluetooth mini amp. The standard package costs € 419 and includes the amPlug 2 FLY, a strap, 3 x picks, an A5 travel notebook and a mechanical pencil. The Carry-on deluxe set will be €499 and includes the FLY 3, a cable, a spare set of 12-54 guitar strings, as well as the accessories included in the Standard Pack.

Travel guitar during the lockdown...?

The sole guitar for € 369 would be the better option when you already own a mini travel amp. But it's still an odd decision to release a travel guitar, considering nobody really travelled in 2020. In a way, we can see this as a bit of optimism from Blackstar side. Hopefully things will improve in 2021.


Source: Gearnews | Blackstar