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Lil Wayne sued for alleged unpaid commissions

Lil Wayne's former managers, Ronald Sweeney and Avant Garde Management are suing Lil Wayne for unpaid commissions. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Lil Wayne (real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) is being sued by his former managers for over $20 million in unpaid management commissions.

They said to have managed over 30 lawsuits for Lil Wayne, which brought in a substantial amount of money for him, and for which they allege they "received little compensation". Sweeney claims the rapper hired him in 2005 to help renegotiate his deal with Cash Money Records following his dispute with the New Orleans rap label. In 2018, the lawsuit was settled between Cash Money Records and Lil Wayne, and now Sweeney claims he didn't receive proper compensation for his role in the settlement.

Sweeney and Avant Garde claim that Wayne:

“failed and refused to pay Plaintiffs his promised 10% of the recovery from lawsuits, 10% of the sale of master recordings owned by Lil Wayne’s record label, and then 17% in general commissions that he owes to Plaintiffs in connection with Plaintiffs’ day to day management activities.”

They added that:

“they worked tirelessly as Lil Wayne’s manager and close confidante for nearly 14 years”

and that they managed

“all of his entities, his ‘friends’, his enemies, and his lawyers.”

On December 12, Lil Wayne already pleaded guilty to one count of illegal firearm possession. He was charged for an incident in December 2019, in which the rapper had boarded a flight with a loaded .45 calibre handgun packed in his luggage.

Under U.S. federal law, convicted felons are banned from possessing guns, which means Carter could face up to 10 years imprisonment. Lil Wayne will be handed his sentence on January 28 next year.


Source: NME