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Marceline the Vampire Queen's special Gibson guitar giveaway.

Gibson is finishing off 2020 with three instruments themed for the TV character Marceline, The Vampire Queen from Adventure Time: Distant Lands-Obsidian. The Explorer and two bas models, an Embassy and an EB-0 are all styled according the show's aesthetic and where made as one-off models for a special giveaway Gibson is running with HBO.

The models are all Epiphone branded and they remind us of the popular Emily the Strange SG models which had a similar tie-in around 2005. The Emily the Stranger guitars were quite popular at the time, so maybe these new Marceline editions could follow on in a similar manner for todays kids.

The three instruments are prize in a sweepstake launched by Gibson in cooperation with HBO Max. (Entrants - US only - can win one of these instruments.) Marceline is known on Adventure Time for playing te bass and owning a load of guitars. If this encourages younger fans of the show to pick up an instrument, then we are all up for it.

You can see Chilean bassist Frescia Belmar performing "Woke Up" from the show in the video below. You can find the link to the sweepstakes down below.


Source: Gearnews | Gibson | Giveaway