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Rock Camp documentary with Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper & More

In the upcoming documentary, "Rock Camp", you can see the twenty-five-year old history of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, an interactive music event launched by founder David Fishof in the '90s. The movie is set to premiere January 21, 2021 and features appearances by everyone from Cooper and Judas Priest to Joe Perry and Nancy Wilson.

The documentary shows Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper and Sammy Hagar as camp counselors, and follows four campers living out their rock star fantasies. The movie was filmed during the 2019 festival season and shows the unique value of Rock Camp, Cooper explained;

"You would have a 15-year-old kid playing drums and a dentist on guitar. If this band were a real band, it would be the weirdest band ever, but cool!" Cooper explains of the camp's unique value.

Elsewhere, Simmons quips in the teaser,

"If Bob Dylan and Gene Simmons and Jimi Hendrix auditioned for The Voice, do you think we'd make it? You think we'd make it?"

The trailers also features archive footage of everyone from Steven Tyler and Brian Wilson to Bach and Slash, all of whom have come face to face with the campers over the years thanks to the camp's unique format of pairing starstruck participants with rock and roll royalty.

"I can't think of a more fun thing to do... I mean, it's better than stamp collecting..."

Cooper deadpans as the clip draws to a close.


Source: Billboard