Rage Against the Machine releases film about white supremacy

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Rage Against the Machine, in collaboration with international artists collective The Ummah Chroma, has released a short film titled "Killing in Thy Name". The film follows a teacher explaining how white supremacy in the US came into existence to a group of small children, set to the famous RATM track "Killing in The Name".

The film starts off with a small piece of text stating that "The following is a document of true events" and the intro of Rage Against the Machines famous song "Killing in the Name". The song is used throughout the film, cut with shots from the band, the teacher explaining white supremacy to the children and a number of quotes by different authors and activists.

For most people that have an interest in race politics, there will not be many new things to be learned from the film and it isn't really groundbreaking reporting. But is very well put together and inspiring. It shows that Rage Against The Machine hasn't backed down from their activist roots and still have a lot of fight in them.

Rage Against the Machine made the film together with The Ummag Chroma collective. They are a group of international film makers who want to use art to give young black men and girls a way to express themselves though art. The name is Arabic and translates to "Community of Colour".

In a press release about the film, Bass player Tom Morello stated that:

“My mom [Mary Morello] is a white woman with a radical voice. For three decades she was a progressive teacher in a conservative high school inspiring students to challenge the system – in her actions and words she has always taught that racism must never be ignored and must always be confronted.”

Drummer Brad Wilk added:

“The music wouldn’t exist without the politics. When we’re playing a show, if something clicks for any one kid in the audience – starting that change, that process of thinking for themselves – that’s the most potent time Rage Against the Machine can have as a band.”

You can watch the Documentary down here:


Source: NME