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The new Korg ARP 2600 M looks classy as f*ck

Korg has announced a smaller version of their ARP 2600 reissue during NAMM 2021. The new synth brings the iconic sounds and classy look of the ARP in a more convenient size and price tag.

In 2020, Guitar Centre already accidentally released a sneak peak of the synth during the release of the ARP 2600 FS. The pictures Guitar Centre released at the time showed a smaller version of the ARP in the background. Back then, Korg said that it was simply concept photos and there were no plans for a smaller version. But the fact that the ARP 2600 FS had the letters "FS" for "full-sized" at the end suggested that there were plans for a less than full sized version like they did with the ARP Odyssey reissue. After that there was a hint of a smaller 2600 in the press pictures for the SQ-64 Sequencer, so it seems Korg has been teasing us right under our noses.

The Korg ARP 2600 M will have the same analogue circuitry it bigger brother and will come at 60% of the size, making it lighter and more portable. Even though they left out the top handle of the FS.

We know that te FS version comes with the 3620 keyboard which brings some additional functionality in term of an extra LFO and the arpeggiator/sequences section. The pictures by Guitar Centre seemed to suggest a dedicated keyboard but the webpage images all point to using a different keyboard controller and neglect to mention it.

The price for the ARP 2600 M is reported to be €1,799 and it should be available by the summer. It is twice the price of the Behringer 2600 but there’s no mistaking the classic, sleek and modern that the ARP 2600 M is giving off. Very cool.


Source: Gearnews | Korg