Behringer and Zaquencer join forces for the new BCR32 MIDI controller/sequencer

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Behringer is known for pretty much ripping off other companies gear and making a cheap version of it. But over 15 years ago, they produced a pretty good original rotary MIDI controller, the BCR2000. After asking their fans on Facebook if they wanted it back and hearing an overwhelming “yes”, they decided to give it a go. The company is now working with Zaquencer to bring a new and updated version to the market, the BCR32!

The old BCR2000 was and is still loved by Behringer's customers. It was cheap and you could feel that in the build quality, but it did the job and for less than 200 bucks, you couldn't fault it for feeling a bit cheap!

The new BRC32 will have all the things people loved about the original BRC2000, but with some improvements to make it ready for the future. The new device will be less chunky, have four CV/Gate and Sync outputs to control external hardware and be USB powered for better portability. The BRC32 will also have LED halos around all the knobs, which constantly give an indication of what they are set to when moving from pattern to pattern or mode to mode.

Just like the old BCR2000, the BRC32 will feature 32 assignable encoders and 20 buttons combined with a 32-step, four-track polyphonic Zaquencer sequencer. With the BRC2000 the option to turn it into a sequencer came in 2014, after Christian Stöcklmeier of Zaquencer developed a custom firmware upgrade. This time Behringer is working with Zaquencer to offer a sequencer function right from the start.

Many Behringers fans are asking the company to replace the labels underneath the buttons with LED screen's so they can easily identify what button controls what. But adding 32 small LED screens will probably take the product out of the usual cheap Behringer price range, so there is a small chance this will happen.

The current projected price of the BRC32 is $149, unfortunately it’s unclear when it will hit the market!


Source: Gearnews | Resident Advisor