Dutch government sets up guarantee fund for festivals

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The Dutch government is setting up a 300 million guarantee fund for festivals with the goal of motivating organisers to start planning festivals by lowering their financial risk. To determine how these festival can safely be organised, the government is working together with the event industry for a series of experimental concerts and festivals.

The plan was presented a few days ago and is intended to cover any pre-production and planning costs made by festival organisers if their event gets cancelled. Details are scarce at this point. We only know the fund will consist of 300 million euros and is intended for large scale festivals set to be organised after the first of July. It will take the Dutch government approximately two weeks to set up a system for organizers to apply for the fund.

In order to test which safety measures will need to be implemented to control the spread of COVID-19 during festivals, the government and event industry has set up the Fieldlabs events. A series of experimental concerts and festivals which will test different safety measures. These events are set to start in the middle of February.

The Dutch government is optimistic about the prospect of festivals returning this summer. According to the Member of Parliament Thierry Aartsen festivals should be possible after the first of July as long as the vaccination roll out goes according to plan. He believes the festivals can give the country a much needed social and economic boost.

Insiders of the event industry have responded positively on the news, Jolanda Jansen, Director of events location Ahoy and spokesperson of the Alliance of Event builders told the press:

"This is a form of recognition for the importance of the sector, which has a large social function. There is much need for distraction and fun!"

Source: RTL | RTL