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The new Vox Giulietta, Avena-1 and Mark III Mini Guitars

Vox is keeping things interesting after their announcement of the Bobcat models last week. The legendary amp manufacturer has added some unique looking guitars to their range, with the new Giulietta, Avena-1 and Mark III Mini Guitars, mixing vintage styling and modelling for 2021.

The Vox Mark III Mini Guitar models are miniature versions of the very famous Vox Teardrop shape we all know and love. The guitar comes with two single-coil pickups and are available in three colours: Aqua Green, Lipstick Red and Marble.

The Avena-1 is a modern take on the weird Vox '60s designs like the Apache. The guitar features a built-in amplifier with four effects and a ‘rhythm machine’ that can do 11 genres.

The Vox Giulietta VGA-5TD is an archtop acoustic-electric design with onboard digital modelling via Vox’s AREOS-D system. The AREOS-D system gives you the option to use synth sounds, reverb and overdrive, as well as more acoustic and electric guitar sounds. The specifications on these vintage looking instruments sound pretty radical, but unfortunately, details are scant at the time of this announcement, so we will have to wait and see what this guitar is capable of. The guitars will be available in Natural/Gunmetal and Pearl Orange finishes.

The Giuletta VGA-5TPS model, which is very similar to the Giulietta VGA-5TD, has an onboard Super Capacity Preamp System with a piezo pickup and a Low Cut control, and features a patent-pending hybrid wood/aluminium bridge. This model will be available in Pearl Rose and Pearl White finishes.


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