Drill is increasingly being used in UK courtrooms

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Drill rap has been used in the UK court 67 times since 2005, and most of these cases were in the last two years. This shows a significant increase of Drill rap being presented as evidence. Questions are now being raised about whether Drill rap should be taken literally or as an art form intended on shocking its listeners.

Many of the cases in which Drill rap was used, were murder or attempted murder cases. Drill rap was often used to tie groups of people together as an alleged gang, or as evidence for the accused being violent individuals.

Doctor Eithne Quinn of the University of Manchester worked as a defence expert in nearly 20 trails involving Drill rap. She found that the music and videos were being shown to the jury as some kind of diary entry. But she argued that the genre is intended to shock its audience, to alienate parents and shouldn't be taken at face value and interpreted literally.

One of the cases were Drill rap was used, was the Wood Green murder case of 2019. This case revolved around two young boys being fatally stabbed and shot during a night out. Five men were arrested and charged for the crime. A number of Drill rap videos of the defendants calling out the victims tied the accused together and established a motive. All the five defendants were eventually sentenced for murder, in part based upon the videos.

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service believes gangs are using Drill rap and social media to promote their culture. In response to this the Police has set-up a program to monitor social media, in particular Drill rap videos, for evidence and intelligence about crimes. In the last four years the program made 579 referrals for "potentially harmful content" to be removed from social media platforms, of which 522 were removed. Most of the content as one YouTube.


Source: BBC