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Graphic novel to celebrate Cypress Hill's 30th anniversary

Cypress Hill is gearing up to release a graphic novel to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. The novel, Cypress Hill: Tres Equis, is made in collaboration with Z2 Comics and will map out the origin story of the LA rap group, which spawned hits like ‘Hits From The Bong’ and ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’.

The comic is written with the help of Noah Callahan-Bever and Gabriel Alvare, with illustrations by Felix Ruiz (Wolverine MAX), Jefte Palo (Taskmaster), Juan Gedeon (Venom), Damion Scott (Marvel’s Voices), Angel Hernandez (Star Trek) and Paris Alleyne (AFTERFLIFT). A press release for the graphic novel reads:

“Before they became icons, Louis and Senen were just a couple of teenage cholos from around the way, trying to stay out of trouble — until a series of chance encounters with both sides of the law changed their path forever,”

The graphic novel will feature “guest appearances” from some of the characters referenced in Cypress Hill songs, like Officer O’Malley from ‘Hole in the Head’ and Sister Maggie from ‘Stoned Is the Way of the Walk’.

Frontman B-Real told NME;

“Art has always been a major influence in our lives and our music. As kids we would read comic books that were full of heroes achieving the impossible. 30 years later, I would have never thought we would get a chance to tell our story this way.”

Sen Dog added:

“The story of Cypress Hill in a graphic novel is the perfect way to illustrate the time and place where the group was born.”

The standard 160-page softcover version of the graphic novel will land in comic book shops and bookstores sometime in August. Alternate versions like a deluxe hardcover edition, a limited super deluxe edition, an exclusive LP edition of Cypress Hill’s self-titled debut on green vinyl with all-new cover art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, special edition art prints by Ortiz, Scott and Gedeon – can only be obtained from Z2 directly.

You can pre-order here.


Source: NME | z2comics