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Circuit Tracks, Novation's new groovebox

Novation has revealed the new version of their Circuit groovebox, the freshly named Circuit Tracks. The new controller is a sleeker version of their original controller and was already long overdue for an update. The new version adds the two MIDI tracks for running external synths and instruments. Next to workflow refinement and a number of conveniënt new features.

Mostly the new Circuit Tracks retains the look of the original Circuit, getting a more modern update that features square black pad knobs and that loses the blue bottom and the internal speaker of the original.

What's new is the new MIDI tracks that can be routed back into the Circuit, from an external device, for additional mixing and effects processing via the two new mono inputs. Next to a microSD card reader for loading samples and replaced the AA battery cavity with a rechargeable one. A couple of handy new features

Bedside this, the Circuits remains its main functionality. You have pattern-based sequencing with 32 pads, two polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks and some performance effects, with eight knobs at the top to provide macro control and the option load your own samples. Novation has worked in all the firmware updated features that appeared with Circuit as core functions in the new Circuit Tracks, with dedicated buttons and less convoluted access for a better workflow. They added a click track, boosted the number of patches and projects, added side-chain source selection and pan automation. The Circuit Tracks is also still editable from the Components app for those interested in getting into the synth engine.

Circuit Tracks is a decent update to a well-regarded and enjoyable groovebox that builds on everything Novation developed so far. You can watch the Circuit Tracks introduction video below.


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