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New ’80s Fender Japan Boxer Series Telecaster and P-Bass

A Telecaster and Precision Bass model have been added to the new Fender Japan Boxer series, finishing off the series Fender trifecta. In January we already saw the return of the not-so-classic ’80s style Boxer series, with the release of the new Boxer Series Stratocaster HH model. The Boxer series weren't particularly popular back in the '80s, turning up in second hand shops and at pawn brokers. So let's hope their specs and sound will find a more receptive audience this time around.

All new Boxer models come with basswood bodies, maple necks and rosewood fretboards. The guitars are all finished off in a solid colour with a stealthy black headstock and black hardware. You can get the Stratocaster and the Precision Bass in Sherwood Green Metallic or Inca Silver finishes, and the Telecaster in Torino Red or Inca Silver.

The guitar models come with a pair of Boxer Series Humbucking pickups, that will presumably be on the hotter side of things like the old boxer series. The Precision Bass model has a set of Boxer Series PJ pickups. The guitars have a 2-Way toggle coil-split, and all models have a TBX tone control, which is essentially a dual-notched pot which adds extra highs on anything past 5 on the dial.

While the Boxer series weren't particularly popular back in the '80s, the return of old series seems to look like a new thing for Fender, so be prepared for some more retro-looking nostalgia guitars.


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