Rapid antigen test upon entry? UK nightlife isn't convinced

Members of the UK's nightlife industry aren't convinced using rapid antigen tests upon entry will be the solution for reopening clubs. Instead they hope visitors will be able to test themselves at home or at a central hub.

One of the nightlife bosses speaking out is Simon Jackson, manager of club 42nd Street in Manchester. Having people lining up on the streets has already given him enough problems with city council. If his guests have to wait an additional 15 minutes for a COVID-19 test, these problems will likely become even worse. Jackson believes a central spot where party-goers can get tested will be the best option.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, questioned what club owners needed to do after someone tests positive. To contain the spread, this person and anyone who came into contact with them should immediately be removed from the clubs premises. How this can be done safely is a question the UK government hasn't answered yet.

The use of rapid antigen tests upon entering clubs and pubs was proposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week. But how this plan will work or who will pay for it wasn’t specified. The Dutch government announced their own COVID-19 testing system for events a few days ago. Which will use rapid anti-gen tests at a central hub and a specially developed app.


Source: NME | BBC