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The Elektron Machinedrum's unofficial firmware update

The Elektron Machinedrum got an unofficial firmware update from die hard users Yatai Li and Justin Valer that is stirring the user base. The new update adds pitch control, new LFO shapes, extra waveforms, multiple track triggering and more to a device that hasn't had an official update since 2016.

Li and Valer developed the new firmware to address the Machinedrum's continuing relevance, introducing numerous features requested by users on Elektron's Elektronauts forum. Features include LFO shapes, preview triggers and a solo mode. Next to new oscillator waveforms with the ability to pitch them a quarter-tone, and the new equal-tempered tuning scale, which has greatly expanded the synthesis potential.

According to this Instagram post it even turns the Machinedrum into a LYRA8 – very cool!

You can download the firmware for free from Elektronauts.


Sources: Gear News | Resident Advisor