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Berlin's six point club reopening plan

The Berlin Club Commission has unveiled a six point plan for the reopening of the city’s venues. As an important touristic and economic factor for the city, the internationally known Berlin club scene is currently looking for perspectives on re-openings after a year of corona lockdown. The plan consists of pilot test events with rapid testing and a central information hub sharing hygiene recommendations and regulations. The first test event took place on March 20, where 1000 guest were allowed inside the Berliner Philharmonie concert hall, with more test planned in the near future.

The six point plan has venues record the numbers of visitors and the economic situation of the clubs. The venues are also obliged to compile with health and safety requirements such as mask wearing, ventilation and designated seating. Besides this, attendees of the events are also entailed to produce a negative COVID-19 test from an authorised test centre on the day of the event, free of charge. Pamela Schobeß, the chairman of the club commission, called the pilot project;

"a small but important step to be able to create a perspective for the entire industry again after one year".

On March 27, the Club Commission and Holzmarkt will hold the next test event at Säälchen, with the above mentioned testing, social distancing and mask-wearing rules applying. A ticket and rapid COVID test will cost €20.

In a statement, Holzmarkt wrote:

“First of all, it must be honestly said: the little hall is not a club and a concert with chairs 1 m away is not a dancefloor. We are in a newly built culture hall with state-of-the-art ventilation and 9 m high ceilings. This is only a benchmark for clubs to a very limited extent, which is what it takes to convert existing rooms or to improvise rooms. It is certainly not a benchmark for a club night if you ultimately cannot move freely and barely feel each other. Hopefully, what we can show here is that there are concepts that prevent club interiors from having to go completely idle."

The results of the trial will be reviewed in April.


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