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A directory of every synth: Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (and Back)

A new book called Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (and Back) is being published by Velocity Press this November. This new book is a directory of every synth, drum machine and sampler from 1963-1995 and features hand drawn illustrations, statistics and facts for each entry.

“From its invention in the early 1960s to the digital revolution of the 1980s right up until the point that analogue circuits could be modelled using software in the mid-1990s, this book tells the story of synthesizers from analogue to digital – and back again,”

shares Velocity Press. Written by Oli Freke, it catalogues every synthesizer, drum machine and sampler created during 1963 through 1995 and is the perfect companion for every sound designer

“From acid house to prog-rock, there is no form of modern popular music that hasn’t been propelled forwards by the synthesizer.”

Source: https://thevinylfactory.com/news/new-book-synthesizer-evolution-directory-every-synth-drum-machine-sampler-1963-1995/