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Arturia to release MicroFreak Vocoder (Leak)

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

According to several leaks, Arturia is just about to announce an exciting expansion to its MicroFreak line: MicroFreak Vocoder!

Streetwise Sales & Marketing leaked a product page of a new MicroFreak version featuring a gooseneck mic. The Vocoder Engine has a new oscillator and features 3 waveforms (sawtooth, pulse width and noise) on the Wave knob while Timbre and Shape adjust the response of the 16 frequency bands, with a bunch of presets to give you instant access to all your old disco and sci-fi favourites.

The MicroFreak Vocoder Edition also gets a new lighter paint job, with a swan motif across the central strip as a possible reference to the gooseneck microphone. The gooseneck microphone is a striking new addition to the MicroFreak and the page says that it plugs into the headphone socket with access to the headphones via a pass-through.

There’s no official word from Arturia on the release of this product while more leaks are also turning up on forums and Reddit. Could this be a revolutionary addition to this quirky little synth or will it be another attempt at nostalgic "innovation" that no one knows quite what to do with? We'll let you know as soon as Arturia releases more.



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