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Behringer is considering turning classic guitar effect pedals into Eurorack modules.

Behringer has the habit to share its moonshot product ideas on social media to gauge public opinion and keep itself in the headlines. The companies latest idea is to "transform some of the coolest guitar effects pedals into the Eurorack format so you could combine them with your Eurorack synths.

As well as enabling electronic music producers to put some classic stomps in their rack, the idea is also that guitar players could build a compact and portable effects rack, and possibly be encouraged to get into synthesis as well. Behringer reckons it could sell the ‘rack pedals’ for just $29 each. The question is if it will please guitarists, synthesists or no one at all. One to keep an eye on.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/behringer/posts/10158818278848914