Behringer’s 2500 Eurorack modular synthesizers now available for pre-order

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Behringer, the Philippine based audio equipment brand, has officially started accepting pre-orders for the first four modules of their new line of modular synths. The Behringer’s 2500 Eurorack modular synthesizers are based upon the legendary ARP 2500 modular synth and are all under 100 dollars.

Modular synthesizers are amazing pieces of equipment for producers. By mixing different modules together someone can really create their own sound. The only problem with them, is that they are very expensive. The cheapest module of the Roland System500 series for instance, is already €389,00. This is why the new Behringer 2500 modular synthesizers are so interesting! The cheapest module has a price tag of €55, and the other three are €95, which is still incredibly cheap. This gives many young or broke artists the chance to start experimenting with modular synthesizers. We have made a little overview of all the modules:


The 1003 Module allows you to create a deeply contoured signal with its 8 independent controls for Attack Time, Initial Decay Time, Sustain level from 0 to 10 Volts and Final Decay Time.


The 1033 Module is pretty much the same of the 1003 module. It still has 8 independent controls for Attack Time, Initial Decay Time, Sustain level from 0 to 10 Volts and Final Decay Time. But it also has a added gate delay.

1005 - MODAMP MODULE - €95

The 1005 module is a feature rich ring modulator to create metallic and bell-like sounds as well as many other modulation effects. Modulation can be applied to any signals, such as a signal from VCO’s or LFO’s using the IN A and IN B jacks. The 1005 features INA and INB attenuators, an UNMOD gain control which lets you set the gain when in UNMOD mode, a VCA with gain control and a choice of exponential or linear responses. Ratio and tune controls allow you to control and balance the frequency of 2 external VCO’s for convenience.

1006 - FILTAMP MODULE - €95

The 1006 module is a classic voltage controlled 24 dB per octave low pass filter, the filter is a matched transistor ladder design followed by a matched transistor VCA for a vintage sound. The 1006 is equipped with a filter frequency control, a resonance control capable of self-oscillation, 3 summed CV inputs all with independent attenuators for maximum flexibility. The 2 filter signal inputs are also equipped with 2 dedicated attenuators so they can act as an input mixer.  

If you are excited about the modules and want to pre-order them. They are available at and To this date, its still unclear when the first orders will be shipped.


Source: Synth Anatomy