Brazilian stream manipulation services go offline after music industry action

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

In the music industry's fight against stream manipulation, the industry has had a major win recently. A number of websites owned by the Brazilian company TurboSocial, which offer streaming manipulation services have been shut down in a collaboration between the local trade body Pro-Música Brasil, Brazil's anti-piracy organisation APDIF, the local police and the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

Stream manipulation is the act of creating artificial plays on streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. This can help boost an artists popularity or increase streaming profits. Streaming platforms, record labels and organisations representing honest artists have been fighting to shut down the websites that offer stream manipulation for years now.

Pro-Música Brasil and the IFPI worked together with Brazil's anti-piracy organisation APDIF and the local police to take on the company TurboSocial, a big player in the stream manipulation industry. Because of their actions TurboSocial has removed stream manipulation services from its main website and a number of other websites the company owns. Six other websites also stopped offering the service after receiving cease and desist letters, and a seventh has shut down their services voluntarily. Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI told the press:

“These actions demonstrate the global recording industry’s continuing commitment to fighting back against this practice, which harms the entire music ecosystem. We commend the police and Pro-Música Brasil for their work and cooperation on this positive outcome”

A month ago, the German record industry, working together with IFPI, also successfully managed to take down six different stream manipulation websites.The problem is that there are still thousands of websites online that offer stream manipulation services, so the fight will probably continue for a while.


Source: Complete Music Update