Covid-free Guernsey holds one of Europe’s only music festivals this summer

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The Island of Guernsey, Europe's only free Covid-19 area, held one of Europe's only music festival this summer, the Vale Earth Fair festival. Because of its heavy travel restrictions, the Festival only had local acts and no visitors from outside the island were allowed.

Guernsey is a small island located off the coast of Normandy, France. There haven't been any confirmed cases of Covid-19 since May and social distancing rules have ended in June. One of the main reasons for there being no COVID-19 cases, are the heavy travel restrictions on the island. Nobody is allowed to enter or leave the island.

Because Guernsey is the only COVID-19 free place in Europe, they were the only ones that could organise a outdoor festival this year. Their yearly Vale Earth Fair festival, which has been held for 44 years now on the grounds of the 600-year-old Vale Castle. Because of the travel restrictions, only artists from Guernsey or the neighbouring island were allowed to preform at the festival.

The Vale Earth Fair featured 12 hours of music, performed by a mix of bands, choirs and DJ's. Eventually the festival even had to close it gates because there were too many people on the festival ground, organiser Yannic Bearder told the local press:

"It was unfortunate we had to turn some people away at the door towards the end of the day, but we can only let so many people on the site."

Source: NME