France implements new COVID-19 restrictions

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

France has been shifty on COVID-19 restrictions the past few months, first locking the country down, then opening it again and now locking parts of it down again. The new rules will be in effect for 15 days, but will be reviewed after a week. The rules will be implemented in Paris and 11 other cities which are considered at high or maximum risk due to the amount of people who contracted the coronavirus.

In the city of Paris and 11 other cities across France, bars will now have to close at 22:00 and stay closed till 6:00. Restaurants are allowed to stay open longer (french people am I right?). The government argues this is that people in restaurants tend to stay seated, limiting the spread of the virus. Because some bars serve food and nobody wants an argument about what constitutes a restaurant, the government said places that only have a licence to sell alcohol without food must close at 22:00.

All events, including weddings receptions, festivals and birthday parties are now banned. Cinemas, museums and theatres are allowed to stay open, but with very strict rules and guidelines. The French are also no longer allowed to gather with more than 10 people in public places and the local government of Paris has sent out additional patrol officers to count groups of people and fine them if they exceed this number. These new restrictions come after the percentage of positive tested COVID-19 tests in France rose to 7.4%, compared to 4.5% in the beginning of September.

Only a month ago, on the 15 of August, France started allowing gatherings of more than 5000 people again. If an event was under 5000 people, the participants only had to wear masks, while social distancing was not mandatory. This gave the rest of the world hopes in being able to open up again soon, but also made many experts scratch their heads.


Source: Resident Advisor