How Republicans are helping Kanye West in his presidential campaign.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Kanye West's independent run for president of the US seems like a joke to many, but some think that republicans are using Kanye to siphon votes away from the democrats, in an effort to get Trump elected for a second term. Republican leadership has said that this is incorrect and Kanye “doesn’t want to argue” about the rumours. But so far many republican affiliated people and organisations have been working for or with Kanye.

Kayne running for president is objectively pretty funny. But it's also worrying. The so-called “Black vote” is an important voting block for the democratic party. Especially in southern states with high numbers of African Americans, like Georgia or Mississippi. Some believe Kayne is “secretly” being helped by republicans in an effort to take away votes from the democratic nominee coming November.

Recently Jared Kushner, Trump's son in law and adviser, had a meeting with Kanye in Colorado. Kushner said that Kanye and him have been friends for years and just came together to have a friendly discussion. But it is suspicious to say the least.

Also in Colorado, Rachel George, a strategist who has worked for the Republican Senator Cory Gardner, sent an email to contacts asking them to sign up to support Kanye. The email was obtained by Vice and is interesting to say the least;

"I have the most random favor to ask of you ever ... would you help me get Kanye West on the ballot in Colorado? No, I am not joking, and I realize this is hilarious."

Republican Chuck Wilton, who previously backed Trump, originally was signed on as one of the electors for Kanye in Vermont, but later was suddenly replaced without explanation. He was replaced by Bradford Broyles, who used to be a Rutland County Republican chairman. He claims to have been recruited because of his work in film and TV and because of his ties to the republican party. He claimed to be acting independently and without any national party’s efforts.

In Wisconsin, Lane Ruhland, a former legal counsel for the Wisconsin Republican Party, dropped off signatures for Kanye to qualify as a presidential nominee in Wisconsin. Ruhland represented the trump campaign in a lawsuit in July. She declined to comment on the subject. The Campaign for Accountability, a nonprofit watchdog group, filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation to:

"Investigate whether attorney Lane Ruhland engaged in conduct inconsistent with her ethical obligations as a member of the Wisconsin Bar."

CFA Executive Director Michelle Kuppersmith explained:

“The fact that a lawyer for the Trump campaign is working to put Kanye West on the ballot suggests the West campaign is a sham.”

A law firm in Ohio, that has previously received thousands of dollars in legal fees from the state House and Senate Republican campaign committees, was the one that filled Kanye’s paperwork for its Ohio nomination.

So far we can’t say that the republican leadership is behind these actions, but it is undeniably suspicious. Especially given the fact that republicans have shown to be capable of some very dirty tricks to get their party's nominee elected in the past.


Source: NPR