Jack White performances at SNL, with only a two days notice

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Last week's Saturday Night Live musical guest was supposed to be Morgan Wallen, but the country singer was no longer welcome after a video of him partying without a face mask showed up on TikTok. With only two days to fill the gap left by Morgan, the show called upon an old favourite, Jack white.

Usually when an artists preforms at SNL or any other TV-show, there are there as part of a press tour and need to promote new material. Because this wasn´t the case for Jack White this time, he just cranked out a few of his best hits. Like his 2014 solo hit “Lazaretto”, performed on a guitar designed for him by the late Eddie Van Halen.

Jack White also played a classic song of his old band The White Stripes, “Ball and Biscout”, he mashed it up with the lyrics of "Jesus Is Coming Soon" by Blind Willie Johnson. Lyrics like:

“Great disease was mighty and the people were sick everywhere. It was an epidemic, it floated through the air.”,

Lyrics that are very fitting for this current pandemic...


Source: NPR