Kanye shares invalid Kentucky presidential election results on Twitter

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Kanye tweeted a screenshot showing he was ahead of Biden and Trump in the state of Kentucky. But the numbers were part of a test run and were never supposed to end up online.

Local news station LEX18 website showed Liberatarian Jo Jergensen in the lead, followed by Kanye. But after Kanye started celebrating, LEX18 tweeted out the preliminary results were incorrect. They were part of a test where the Associated Press sends out numbers to local new stations to test if all the systems are working correctly.

Kayne’s post showed Libertarian Jo Jergensen in the lead with 75,544 votes, followed by himself with 40,781 votes. Biden supposedly had 28.995 votes, followed by Trump with only 4,288 votes. So far Kanye hasn't responded to the news. He did release a new track where he touches on running for president and following his dreams.


Source: Okay Player