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Mick Fleetwood joins TikTok

Mick Fleetwood has made his debut on TikTok and recreated a viral video featuring "Dreams". Mick decided to join in when he saw their streaming numbers triple after the original TikTok went viral.

TikTok user Nathan Apodaca a.k.a. @420doggface208blew up on the video-sharing platform when he posted footage of himself skating around his native state of Idaho, while drinking cranberry juice. The "morning vibes" video was backed with Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 track ‘Dreams’. A month later, Mick Fleetwood joined in on the fun, recreating the footage and captioning his own version, “Dreams and Cranberry just hits different.” Watch the original below:

The video spread quickly and Apocada is currently sitting on over 21million views and 4million likes on TikTok’s platform alone. Fleetwood Mac also received a boost in their stream as numbers for "Dreams" sprung from a daily average of 49,000 times a day to 105,000 following the viral plug. Streaming numbers saw a 242 % increase in first-time listeners of the song and Sales of the "Dreams" increased 184% in the first three days of the original video being posted.

Apocada spoke to TMZ about the viral post, which came into fruition after his car broke down on the way to work one morning (hence the skating). He told them;

My car, it just shuts off sometimes. The battery ― I don’t know what it is ― just shuts off. I always have my long board in there, in case I run out of gas or something