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New David Bowie exhibit, intimate photos from 1973-1976

This October, a new exhibition is opening at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery featuring photographs of David Bowie called: "Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me: Bowie/MacCormack 1973-76.

The exhibition offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpse into Bowie’s world, and features recording sessions, tours and performances, as well as a short film shot by Bowie.

Bowie’s childhood friend Geoff MacCormack was invited to join The Spiders From Mars on tour in 1973, this lead to MacCormack photographing Bowie during subsequent recording sessions and performances.

Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me collects 60 photographs taken between 1973 and 1976, and spans from Bowie’s Diamond Dogs’ tour, to the filming of The Man Who Fell To Earth, and the recording of his 1976 album Station to Station.

Alongside the photographs, the exhibition also includes a short film shot by Bowie during on his and MacCormack’s trip to Moscow during 1973, videos of Bowie and MacCormack on stage together, and film excerpts.

The exhibition follows MacCormack’s book From Station To Station: Travels With Bowie 1973-1976, as well as a prior show of the same name.

Rock ‘n’ Roll with Me: Bowie/MacCormack 1973-76 will run at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery from the 17th October 2020 to the 6th June 2021.

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