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Quirky new boutique guitar effects: Puzzle Effects

Puzzle Effects are stompboxes that are most notable for their unique puzzle-shape that can be powered via a single power input. They’re the invention of French boutique pedal builder Florian Leca and are currently in the prototype stage. A quirky design with an interesting concept.

The pedals started in Toulouse, France as a DIY project by Florian Leca during free time. The pedals have been a year and a half in the making, and so far, three working prototypes have been developed, fuzz,  distortion, and tremolo. The Gold Digger, Silly Fuzz, and Cloudy Tremolo prototypes are seen throughout this article.

Each pedal interlinks with another just like a jigsaw puzzle and eliminates the need for any cables in-between the pedals. Each unit has contacts on its sides that allow the guitar signal and power to run through. This also allows you to put the pedals in any order you desire to shape your tones.

We hope the effect moves beyond prototyping and come into production soon. Florian wants potential buyers to be able make their own effects chains. So Florian is aiming to keep these boutique effects somewhere under the €120 mark each. Each pedal will be hand built in France with more effects joining the range over time. If you’d like to contact Florian directly, simply follow the link below.

Puzzle Effects Instagram page


Source: https://www.gearnews.com/puzzle-effects-a-quirky-new-concept-for-boutique-effects/