SoundCloud launches turn up the vote campaign

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

SoundCloud has teamed up with Headcount to launch the “Turn up the Vote” hub and campaign, a non-partisan, pro-democracy project focused on encouraging young people to vote. The hub will help young voters register to vote and give easy streamlined information about how to vote (early) in every state.

The Turn Up The Vote hub consists of a website where people can easily find information on where and how they can register to vote. It also shows where people can vote (early) in every state. The campaign mainly consists of social media and SoundCloud ads inspiring young people to go out and vote.

For this project, Soundcloud is working with Headcount. Headcount is a non-profit youth civic participation organisation which focuses on getting young people to vote by giving information and with different promotional campaigns. For instance by offering the chance to win festival tickets to people that register to vote.

In their press release, SoundCloud explains that 1 in 10 eligible voters in the U.S. are under 25 and this group continues to grow every year. This generation represents nearly half of SoundCloud’s U.S. audience, so SoundCloud is the perfect organisation to reach them.

SoundCloud has pledged to continue the “Turn up the Vote” campaign after the US presidential election in November and will remain non-partisan and pro-democracy. They also decided to give all their US employees a paid the day on during election day.


Source: Soundcloud