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STEM Modular - connecting modular with science, math and engineering

STEM Modular is making a range of earthy and creative Eurorack modules. The modules are designed for artist to experiment with the fundamental components of sound electricity and music.

The modules are made from bamboo and consist of simple circuits. It has all the usual components you'd find in a modular synth voice with everything you need to start patching and tweaking, a VCO with multiple wave outputs, a nice long-throw ADSR, VCA, VCF, multi-wave LFO, utilities and mixer.

At the moment, STEM Modular is in its early days, so the website only has the LFO and some bamboo blanks up for sale, with the VCF and Sum & Slew modules available to preorder and the VCO appearing by the end of the year. The LFO is only $69 dollars making this an achievable system of modules.

The LP-VCF is a 4-pole low pass filter with CV control over cut-off and resonance and it will self-oscillate when pushed. The Sum & Slew is a 4-channel DC coupled mixer than can provide glide between output voltage levels. They suggest plugging in multiple outputs from their LFO for some really interesting waveshapes.

STEM Modular did a live stream at SynthBooth check it out below:



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