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SynthBooth: A virtual experience for the modular synth community.

SynthBooth is an upcoming Virtual Modular Expo with makers, movers, talkers and performers. It's a new online event for the modular synth community and will be held from the 16th - 18th of October 2020. SynthBooth will feature manufacturers, panel discussions, seminars, live performance and a keynote from Suzanne Ciani, (an American musician, sound designer, composer, and record label executive who found early success in the 1970s with her innovative electronic music and sound effects for films and television commercials).

SynthBooth want to capture the imagination of the curious and the community in a weekend of online, live-streamed and interactive content. It will take place over the weekend via an online web app and access is via ticket only. It will be a properly curated event that could really bring some life to the idea of the online trade show.

Next to the big star of the event, composer and electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani, the program will feature speakers from around the world with the likes of Girts Ozolins from Erica Synths, Andrew Ostler from Expert Sleepers, Ben “DivKid” Wilson, Anna Martinova from Modular Moon, Emmy Parker from Teenage Engineering, Abraham Ingle from AI Synthesis, Alex Anderson from WMD, Leah King from Women’s Audio Mission, Max Ravitz from Moog and Walker Farrell from Make noise to name but a few.

The event will consist of various panel discussions, with additional educational seminars. There will be panels on Building Your Modular Synth Community, How to Get Started in Modular, Performing Live with Modular, Modular Technology and Synths and Social Change.

Some of the exhibiting manufacturers will include 4MS, 1010Music, WMD, Moog Music, AI Synthesis and Expert Sleepers, with many more. They will be operating in “Virtual Exhibitor Booths” which you can visit within an virtual expo hall. You'll be able to connect with the synth makers, watch pre-recorded videos or live streamed demos, chat with staff and potentially schedule video calls, with a chat room to hang out with other attendees.

The event will also feature entertainment by Ann Annie, Afrorack (Bamanya Brian), LaFrae Sci, Bana Haffar, Aqeel Aadam, DesertFish, The Galaxy Electric and Trovarsi.

They complete the event feel with the sale of tickets. There are two levels of tickets, the premium on for $25, will give you access to the Keynote, panel discussions and seminars, with the regular $15 one limiting you to only the virtual expo and live performances. The event is spread over the weekend and sounds impressive, there’s a number of organisations trying to put on virtual events at the moment but nothing is looking as well put together as this so far.

More information is available on the Synthbooth website so be sure to check it out.


Source: https://www.synthbooth.com/