's first transmission

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Recently Techno-Club, the pay-per-minute virtual club developed by Cisco Ferreira, AKA The Advent and DJ Dave Bate, had its first weekender! The club had DJ set’s and talks by artists like Oliver Way, Robert Hood, Lyric, Floorplan, Kerrie, Tony Humphries and many others.

Techno-Club is a pay-per-minute virtual club set-up by Cisco Ferreira, AKA The Advent and DJ Dave Bate. They began working on the project just before the whole world went into lock-down and developed the entire system, from the video hosting software to the payment system, from the ground up.

The goal of the project was clear; build an independent, fully-licensed weekend streaming service showcasing the finest in electronic music. Visitors of the “club” pay via a pay per minute (PPM) model, offering the choice of 300 (€5), 600 (€10) or 1200(€20) minutes of listening time, which could be used across ten different rooms. The profits are however split equally across all the rooms.

Techno-Club had their first weekender last Friday. The virtual doors were supposed to open at 9 PM BST, but most likely due to technical issues, it was delayed until 10:30. They opened with a talk from Cisco Ferreira and Dave Bate about how the platform was developed. After this artists like Oliver Way, Robert Hood, Lyric, Floorplan, Kerrie and Tony Humphries performed in the platforms rooms. The artists used different styles of recording their sets, some went for just showing their hands on the DJ set, others decided to do a multi camera show from the stage of the Detroit Techno club Militia.

The event has received overall positive criticism, despite the sometimes hard to navigate website. With the current pandemic raging on, Techno-Club might become a very successful "venue" the coming months.


Source: Resident Advisor