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Teenage Engineering about to release a new product, is it the OP-2?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Teenage Engineering has a huge product announcement to make on the 30th of September. They say they’ve been working on it for years and it’s great for the outdoors, could it be the OP-2?

Teenage engineering's OP-1, the portable wonder synthesizer, has been one of their most popular devices since its release in 2011. The new product that is soon announced has been in development for past 6 years, a fitting development time for a successor to the loved sampler, synthesizer, sequencer, recorder box thing.

Regarding the new product, Teenage Engineering wrote on their Instagram;

We are very proud and utterly excited to announce that we are about to release a new magic apparatus. it will hit our online store the 30th of september and we are already piling up stock. so count on us that we are ready for "next day" worldwide delivery on the day of launch. to celebrate this moment we will drop a little piece of information every friday. starting today.

Teenage Engineering has branched out in many different kinds of products like; speakers, Ikea furniture and other knick-knacks. They revealed a clue that says that it is. "great for outdoors", but most of their gadgets work on batteries and have speakers so on many fronts they are already meet a lot of requirements on outdoor-music making.

Teenage Engineering says that they will give a clue every Friday, and that they are already in production and that stock is already coming in, which is unusual for a Teenage Engineering release. Their improved release will probably be more sensitive to leaks, so keep an eye out!



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