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Duke & Jones - Lost In Motion
Duke & Jones

From slow blues to porch scratchers, here you'll find all the new blues essentials modern blues has to offer. 

The newest and most chill beats to study, chill or play video games to, featuring the best Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats, Chill-hop and Electronic Jazz tracks.

Lay down and chill away to dreamy-, mellow vocals, low bpm, synthesizers and lots of reverb, with the chillest Chill-wave, Glo-fi and chill Indie artist.

Rock, bounce, skate! It's time to get down and boogie on the best new disco, italo disco and nu-disco tracks.

World music infused with electronic music, new tracks featuring the best from Middeleastern downtempo and Chinese trap, to Balkan Beat and other eclectic infusions.

The freshest and loudest Drum and Bass, Liquid, Jungle, Neuro and Jump-Up tracks.

All different kinds of wobbles put together, featuring the best of the latest Dubstep, Riddim, Brostep and Heavy Dub. 

Electro swing, the mashup between swing, jazz, hiphop and electronic music, made to move your feet. Here you can find the latest and the greatest Electro Swing.

Let’s get Funky! Here is the best new Funk, Deep Funk, Go-go and P-Funk for you to dance on.  Get your groove on! 

The latest and greatest Future Bass. Uplifting high pitched drops and dreamy vocals, with the max energy and hard hitting drops from Trap and Dubstep.

The best Experimental, Analog, Glitch, Glitch-Hop, Trip-Hop, IDM and Electronic music. The most interesting new finds in the world of experimental music. 

The most wicked bars by the UK's dopest MC's. The freshest Grime, Drill, Sublow and 8bar. 

Classic House, Funky- , Future-, Latin-, Progressive-, Minimal House etc. The field of House is incredibly wide, here is the latest and greatest from the genre. 

The latest and greatest Independent/Indie music. From Indie- Rock and Pop to Indie Electronic and non-independent Indie.

Goa-Trance, Dark-Psy, Progressive, Tribal, Full-on, Hi-Tech, etc. Everything new in the field of psychedelic trance music. 

The latest Old Skool- and New Skool Hip-Hop, rap music and trap. The best of the cultural movement that is Hip-Hop, from the West Coast to East Asia. 

Swirlin mosh pits, hard hitting lyrics and loud guitars. Now that is how you fight the power, with Punk! Check out the latest and greatest by Rock n Rolls’ renegades.

The best new smooth, rhythmic and soulful tracks. Rhythm and Blues, Electronic R&B, Contemporary R&B and Alternative R&B. 

IRIE - From Roots and Dub to Reggae Fusion and West-Coast Reggae, the latest and greatest from Jamaica and beyond. 

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. The best Alternative-, Indie-, Garage-, Psychedelic- and Grunge Rock releases right now.

The most uplifting, fun and energetic Ska tracks right now. From Jamaican Ska to Ska Punk and Latin Ska. 

Music that speaks to the Soul. Nu-Soul, Motown-Soul, Post-Soul, Neo-Soul and British Soul, here you can find the latest crisp tracks.

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Minimal Techno, Industrial Techno, Acid Techno and Tech-House. From dark clubs to underground rave, here are the latest hot finds in the world of Techno. 

Hard hitting electronic beats made for going haywire, the hottest Trap and Heavy Beats music at the moment.